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You can find
it here.

Under the concept of "You can find it here," we display and sell many rare trading cards for collectors such as Pokemon Cards/Yu-Gi-Oh/ Duel Masters/Magic:The Gathering/Digimon Cards/One Piece Cards/Weiß Schwarz, and rare sneakers of popular brands.
As a store specializing in trading cards and sneakers, we sell many high-priced and rare products that other stores do not carry, making our store a enjoying place for collectors to just look around.
In addition, we make sure to carefully assess each item when purchasing from customers, allowing everyone to receive our purchase service with peace of mind.

3 Features of「Why Magi is Chosen」

  • A wide variety
    of cards

    We mainly display rare Pokemon Cards and Yu-Gi-Oh for collectors.
    We have been expanding it on several stores, so the scale of in-house purchases have been exapanding and because of that we are able to get stocks and arrange out variety of rare cards.
    Also, we provide different types of purchases from customers, such as by shipping and in the store.

  • Provide High Quality Product
    By Strict Appraisal

    Provide products after strict appraisal. We ensure sufficinet safeness when purchasing from customers by well experienced staff members.
    Customers are able to look with their own eyes, during the deals in the stores.
    We actively give out high prices for good conditioned items and because of that, many high quality items come in.

  • Welcoming sho
    with open atmosphere
    and polite service.

    We attach importance on politeful customer service and cleanliness of the shop and staff.
    We also work on in-company trainig and buisness alignment, so that we can make our shop a more comfortable place for customers.


  • Trading card

    Provide rare and high priced cards that other shops dosen't have stock.

    Display and sell variety of rare cards under the concept of 「You Can Find It Here」
    The shop handles many rare items and high priced items that other shop doesn't, so collectors can also enjoy just by looking around.

    • Pokemon Card
    • Yu-Gi-Oh
    • Duel Masters
    • Magic: The Gathering
    • Digimon Card
    • One Piece Card
    • Weiß Schwarz
    • Vanguard
    • Mushiking
    • Dinosaur King
  • Sneakers

    The excitement of finding rare sneakers.

    Display and sell rare sneakers of popular brands.
    Started to handle sneakers on our flea market application 「magi」on the year of 2022. After that we also started to handle them on stores, and on Magi Kicks Harajuku, FAKE BUSTERS was responsible for the design supervision for the store.
    We dislplay and sell over 200 pairs of shoes, including graded rare sneakers, popular brands and limited sneakers.

    • NIKE
    • adidas (including Yeezy)
    • New Balance
    • PUMA
    • Reebok
    • asics (excluding Onitsuka Tiger)
    • Converse
    • Balenciaga
    • Supreme
    • Dior
    • Off-White
    • Y-3

Company information

  • Company

    Jiraffe Inc.

  • Representative

    Teruaki Aso, Representative Director

  • Established

    October 29, 2014

  • Location

    #901 Cross・Square NAKANO
    5-24-18 Nakano,
    Nakano-ku, Tokyo-to 164-0001

  • Secondhand Dealer License Number

    Jiraffe Inc. Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission No.303311606477

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